February 11, 2009

Hats . . . Beautiful Hats! Why in the world did we ever stop wearing hats? Aren't they beautiful? Plus, think of all the stress you'd save on a bad hair day...just put on a cute hat! Hats must have been all the rage in the early 20th century in Logan, Utah, and the surrounding communities. From the looks of things, every girl had more than one hat. I think they might have been the most important fashion accessory. Alice James, Lila James Heninger, Ethel Heninger Naomi and Henry Heninger Hazel and Josh Gunnell Naomi Heninger Hazel Heninger Naomi Heninger holding Maxine Gunnell, her granddaughter My great-grandmother, Sarah Ann Brown Gunnell was a milliner or hat maker. She wrote a short life story - this little excerpt tells how she got her start making hats: Sarah Ann Gunnell "At the age 16, I was sent to learn the millenary and dress making art to Sister Ellen Whiton. Thereafter I followed that line in a limited way sewing and making straw hats. My sister braiding the straw and various patterns. I had become quite adept at making the trimming for the hats out of the natural and died straw thus we manufactured all the family hats and sold many." These are her three oldest children - Rosella, Veda, and Charles - I'm sure she's the one that made their cute little hats! What about you - do you wish we still wore hats like they used to wear? What kind of hat would you choose? Do you have old family photos of women wearing hats? I hope you'll leave me a comment and let me know - just click on "comments" below this post and follow the instructions! This story is my contribution to the 10th edition of the Blog Carnival "Smile for the Camera." Comments Imported from Blogger: 3 comments: Jenny said... I love the hats. I like to wear baseball caps but how awesome would it be if we wore hats like those. They would be like shoes for me...get one you love and then you have to buy clothes to match it. My favorite is the one Hazel has on in the portrait. She sure was pretty! ~Jenny JoLyn said... I'm with you - a hat for every outfit...or an outfit for every hat! tipper said... Love all the hat photos. My Mom makes hats-crocheted-for my girls they wear them a lot-but aren't allowed to wear them to school which is a bummer.
When the Boys Come Home Utah State University - flags flying to celebrate the end of the war 1918 was a difficult year - all over the world. The Great War had been going for four long years. It was winding to a close, but who could really know for sure? An influenza epidemic also spread across the country, and killed more people than died in the world war. Everyone knew someone who dealt with the tragedies of war and disease. Many families sent their sons overseas to battle; most families had someone sick with the 'flu. And every family was affected by the loss of life from both. WWI Soldier and people wearing masks because of the flu Our family is fortunate enough to have diaries, histories, and photos that give us an inside look at what these people's lives were like and how they lived through it. And they show us that life really did just keep going on. Hazel Heninger (my mother's mother) was 21 in 1918. Her life revolved around riding the 'car' to Logan, going to dances, meeting cute boys, and doing her household chores. But the war and the 'flu were ever-present in her diary writing in 1918. Here's a little peek... 1918 August Preston (her brother) has sailed. I suppose he is on the ocean now. How we hope he has a safe voyage and has good health. Most of the 145th Field Artillery have arrived over seas. Last Friday eve. Millville had a Farewell for her ten Soldiers. Preston Heninger The 26th was dear Preston's birthday. How I do miss him and hope this War will soon quit, so our Brothers etc. may come back to us. October 24 Everything i.e. all public Gatherings etcetera are closed have been for 2 weeks. The 12th was to have been Liberty Day celebration in Logan, But the Influenza broke out. My but it is bad. There are many deaths. Many people wear masks. Everyone wore masks to protect themselves from the flu November 5 To day is election voting day. Went to Logan at 3 -- quite a few people on street considering. Maby 2 doz. How I wish this Influenza would stop so we could soon have something. I'm simply wild to go to a dance. We heard last Friday of Carl P. Lieshman's death. I simply coulden't believe it. Dear old Carl how well I remember him at all times. Thur. Nov 7, -18 The Bells began ringing, the whistles blowing and quite a big noise to-day, re'ced word Germany had given in, but a later telegram, denied it. This wicked cruel war. Mon. 11 about 1.30 a.m. We were awakened by the Loud ringing of Bells & Whistling, all kinds of noises. This was for sure. The Big headlines on paper were "GREAT WORLD WAR ENDS" How happy that made us all feel. (In border on top of page) "Great World War Comes to End." The Kiaser gave up woulden't sign pease terms. each time the...

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