February 09, 2009

"By Dod, I Had to Bury an Indian!" George Madison Mendenhall was an Idaho rancher who raised cattle and horses and always wore a beard. He served as a minute man in the army and was a soldier in the Blackhawk Indian War. I picture a man of great courage. I look at this picture and I really think I see a twinkle in his eye - like he's going to start laughing any minute! In our family, this Grandpa is not known by the name Grandpa Mendenhall or Grandpa George. In fact, most of the kids don't even know his name. We just call him "The Grandpa that shot the Indian." That's because his story is famous (at least among us!) Uncle Leonard Perkins told the story in his own words (told probably in the 1950's) as Grandpa Mendenhall related it to him: Grandfather told me this incident that happened in their early-married life. (Sometime around 1868.) They lived in a one-room log cabin, which was located north east of the house which still stands today. As far back as I remember this log cabin was used for a chicken coop, with a wide shed built on the west side and in front of the barn. One evening Grandfather and Grandmother were sitting, side-by-side on the door step, enjoying the coolness of the evening, with a loaded gun lying across Grandfather's knees as protection in case of marauding Indians, when a bullet passed between them and lodged in a plank of the door. They could see where the shot was fired from by the smoke in the sagebrush as they looked out toward the point of the hill to the north. Grandfather quickly pulled up his gun and fired into the smoke and he and Grandmother passed quickly into the house. They were not molested any more that evening or through the night. The next morning, Grandfather walked over on the hill to the place where he thought the shot had been fired from. As he related the sotry, he said, "By dod, I had to bury an Indian!" In 1st grade, Miles, George's great-great-great grandson, had to make a journal entry in class every day. This is one of his entries - his version of "Grandpa Shot an Indian." I think it's the best retelling yet! What's your family's favorite ancestor story? Leave a comment and tell us about it! Just click on "comments" below and follow the instructions. Comments Imported from Blogger: 3 comments: tipper said... A wonderful story to be passed down through your family! Makes me smile too. Gayle Gresham said... What a great story! Gayle Gresham said... And Miles' version is a keeper! There's a writer in the making!
Dad, When He Was a Little Girl Today is the first edition of "One Liners - You Tell the Story." But for this first edition, I won't be asking you for the caption... This photo has already been given its caption. At least 60 years ago - maybe more - Josh's sons and daughters gave this photo its name. It's hilarious, and you'll have to agree with their name - although it's not very politically correct in this day and age! DAD - WHEN HE WAS A LITTLE GIRL a photo of Josh Gunnell, born 1900. For the next edition of "One Liners," I'll ask you to come up with the caption. Now you know what we're looking for. Stay tuned! Comments Imported from Blogger: 6 comments: Judith Richards Shubert said... What a great idea! Your Dad was precious when he was a little girl! By the way, I tried to click on "Follow this Blog" and can't. Is this a blogger blog or Wordpress? Judy Becky Jamison said... That caption is a RIOT! Thanks so much for creating this blog and for sharing, JoLyn! I'm loving this. I also like the blogs you suggest on your left sidebar. I also love Chickens in the Road and the Sushi one, but am a new subscriber now to the Appalachian blog. You are a gem! I'll be followin' ya! Jenny said... I laughed out loud and Christine said, "he does look like a girl!" Do you remember seeing that picture in Gammy's house and Mom telling us that was Grandpa when he was a little girl? Mike J said... I honestly don't know how he could hold back the tears long enough to have that picture taken. I'm almost crying for him just looking at that picture. JoLyn said... Thanks everyone for your nice compliments! tipper said... Well he was a pretty little girl :) Reminds me-one time my best friend and I dressed up her little brother and painted his finger nails-her father wasn't happy with us! Love the idea behind the caption posts-very neat!

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