March 05, 2009

Moving Day Welcome to the new home of Uphill Both Ways! I hope you'll come back and visit often. We're going through a transition period while we change blog platforms. So if you are here, it means everything worked! Moving has never been so fun! Speaking of moving...I have a story to tell you. Bert and Mae Brown were married on February 11, 1914. They went to live on a dry farm in Hatch, Idaho, soon after their marriage. Here's how Mae describes it: After saying all of my life that I would never marry a farmer, I went to live on 160 acres of dry farm. I want my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to imagine, if they can, going out on 160 acres of dry farm. When I say dry farm, I mean just that, no water within five miles. Sagebrush four feet tall, and beds of lava rock. It was quite an experience. As far as the eye could see was sage brush and lava rock. But it was all new to me and I laughed at everything. As I jumped out of the buggy my skirt caught upon a sage brush and I laughed about my skirt hanging up on a sage brush. But it wasn't so bad, we were young and foolish. We had a team of horses, a plow, a wagon, two cows, a dog, chickens, and a two room house Bert had built the fall before. In 1918, Bert and Mae were expecting their second child during the worldwide influenza epidemic. Many women were dying of the flu, especially those that were pregnant. Mae wrote, "In our little village four women died in one week and they were all pregnant." Mae Brown on a grain binder near their first home on the dry farm. Mae and Bert decided to move to Pocatello for the winter so that she would be near a doctor and a hospital and could get help. Bert got a job with the Vogt Sheet Metal Company, and one day, he helped install a furnace for a man in Tyhee (a small farming community nearby.) He inquired and found there was an 80 acre farm for sale. This is the rest of the story in Mae's own words. When he came home that night, I'll never forget, he came in so happy and said, "I've made more money tonight than I've made in all my life." I said, "What have you done?" I thought maybe he had robbed a bank. He said, "I've bought a farm in Tyhee." Well, I wasn't very happy about that, I never did like farming. When we first moved out here to Tyhee I thought it was the worst place I had ever seen. I used to call it "God Forsaken." The wind blew so strong you could hardly go outside. Daddy went back to Hatch, while I was recuperating from my baby's birth, to move our belongings to Tyhee. He didn't pack anything, just took things...
Uphill's First Free-for-All It's time for Uphill's first Free-for-All! What exactly is a free-for-all? Well, I looked it up, just to make sure. says that a free-for-all is a contest, open to everyone and usually without rules - and it's usually disordered, impulsive, or out-of control. Hmmm....well, this free-for-all does have just a few rules...and hopefully it won't be completely out of control! The rules are: Everyone who has made a comment during the last month is entered into a drawing. On the selected day, we'll choose one name - they win the prize. Every time you make a comment, you are entered once. Therefore, the more comments you make, the more times you are entered. The prizes will be handcrafted treasures made by the very talented members of my family. The prize for Uphill's first Free-for-All will be: A custom family portrait from Dysfunctional Art! This is an awesome gift and one that you will really treasure. Julene does hilarious family drawings that focus on each person's hobbies, talents, or idiosyncrasies. They make great wall portraits, Christmas cards, baby announcements, wedding gifts...well, the list could go on and on. Your prize will include a portrait of up to five people. (This is a value of 50 to 80 bucks - not too shabby!) You'll get to tell Julene all about the people in the portrait - something funny, their hobbies, anything you'd like. She'll do the rest! Let me show you some pictures from Dysfunctional Art....just click on the pictures to see them up close. This one is called "Kids n their Toys." Here's another one. It's called "Cat Psychology." Look really close to see all the funny details. This one's called "On the Job." You really need to go to Julene's website to read about it - it's hilarious! This month's drawing will be held on Monday, March 9. That gives you two more days to make comments and get entered into the drawing. Comments close Monday at 8:00 a.m. Why don't you make a comment now? And just to make things interesting, anybody who makes a comment on Julene's blog - Dysfunctional Art - before Monday will also be entered into the drawing! Be sure to visit - you'll love what you see!

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