March 10, 2009

If You're Reading This... I need to tell my parents, "I FIGURED OUT WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY BLOG FEED!" Because I know they're reading this. Aren't parents great that way? Even at nearly a half century, I still know my parents are interested in everything I do. My kids are the same way. They still like me to come listen to them play the guitar, or look at their artwork, or read what they write. It reminds me of when they were small. "Watch this!" they would say. And I'd drop everything...and go watch. That's how I know my parents are reading this. And that's why I need to tell them that I figured out why my blog feed hasn't been working! Thanks to the great folks at Typepad (really this blog platform is awesome) and a new blog I discovered called Blogging Basics 101, (my new favorite) I now know what's wrong with my blog! Apparently the problem happened when I moved my blog from Blogger to Typepad - probably a user error on my part... Anyway - Mom and Dad, here's what you need to do. If you're subscribing in a reader, YOU NEED TO RESUBSCRIBE. Go over to the sidebar, click on subscribe in a reader, and follow the instructions. If you have a link to my blog in your sidebar, DELETE IT, and ADD THE LINK AGAIN. Now your feeds from my blog will work like they are supposed to! I was thinking...what if somebody else besides my parents is reading this? I guess it is possible. So if you are reading this (and I hope you are!) and you want to come back again (and I hope you will!) YOU NEED TO FIX YOUR FEED! Just Resubscribe to Uphill Both Ways in your reader, or if you'd like, subscribe by email! And don't forget to fix the link in your sidebar - just delete it and add it again. Now you're good to go! Speaking of parents.... A couple of weeks ago we went to a basketball game to watch our high school girls WIN THE STATE 5A CHAMPIONSHIP! GO CAVEMEN! GO KAYCEE! We found ourselves sitting on the wrong side of the gym. We were the only Cavemen fans in the section. A little uncomfortable at first, until our team took a nice lead. Anyway, one of the refs was a girl, which I always like, and I found myself watching her. Then I met the people sitting next to me. They were the girl ref's parents. They came to the game TO WATCH THE REF! They were taking pictures of her and cheering her on - even when she made bad calls. Really, I never thought that the ref's parents might be in the gym somewhere watching. But I should have known, because that's what parents do. And that's another reason I know my parents are reading this.

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