March 09, 2009

Uphill's First Free-for-All It's time for Uphill's first Free-for-All! What exactly is a free-for-all? Well, I looked it up, just to make sure. says that a free-for-all is a contest, open to everyone and usually without rules - and it's usually disordered, impulsive, or out-of control. Hmmm....well, this free-for-all does have just a few rules...and hopefully it won't be completely out of control! The rules are: Everyone who has made a comment during the last month is entered into a drawing. On the selected day, we'll choose one name - they win the prize. Every time you make a comment, you are entered once. Therefore, the more comments you make, the more times you are entered. The prizes will be handcrafted treasures made by the very talented members of my family. The prize for Uphill's first Free-for-All will be: A custom family portrait from Dysfunctional Art! This is an awesome gift and one that you will really treasure. Julene does hilarious family drawings that focus on each person's hobbies, talents, or idiosyncrasies. They make great wall portraits, Christmas cards, baby announcements, wedding gifts...well, the list could go on and on. Your prize will include a portrait of up to five people. (This is a value of 50 to 80 bucks - not too shabby!) You'll get to tell Julene all about the people in the portrait - something funny, their hobbies, anything you'd like. She'll do the rest! Let me show you some pictures from Dysfunctional Art....just click on the pictures to see them up close. This one is called "Kids n their Toys." Here's another one. It's called "Cat Psychology." Look really close to see all the funny details. This one's called "On the Job." You really need to go to Julene's website to read about it - it's hilarious! This month's drawing will be held on Monday, March 9. That gives you two more days to make comments and get entered into the drawing. Comments close Monday at 8:00 a.m. Why don't you make a comment now? And just to make things interesting, anybody who makes a comment on Julene's blog - Dysfunctional Art - before Monday will also be entered into the drawing! Be sure to visit - you'll love what you see!
Wedding Days Our oldest got married last year. We celebrated with some wonderful family traditions. They got married in the morning at the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple on a bitter cold January day. They were married by her grandpa, who is a sealer at the temple, which was a real treat. Then we had a family luncheon, and later in the day, a beautiful reception with a wedding cake... ...and dancing with her daddy. We had great photography, and friends and cousins made beautiful music to entertain us. We sent them off with confetti - and their friends of course decorated their car. It was a completely lovely and wonderful day! Doesn't she make a beautiful bride?! But wedding traditions weren't always the same in our family. On another cold January day - this one in 1889 - Virie Mendenhall and Nephi Perkins took a bobsleigh - and two of their school friends to act as witnesses - and rode up Dayton Canyon in Idaho. They arrived at the home of the Justice of the Peace and were married. Just like that. At the Mendenhall ranch, everybody was waiting for them. There they had a wedding dinner, and rolled back the rugs for dancing. Several guests gave recitations and Nephi and his cousin, Dave Evans, sang duets. (I wish I knew what songs they sang!) So far, it seems a lot the same, doesn't it? This is where the traditions get really different... It was a custom at the time to "put the bride and groom to bed." Friends would put the bride in the groom's nightshirt and the groom in her nightgown - usually over their regular clothing. Then they were tucked into bed together. (I'm sure it was way more fun for the friends than for the bride and groom...) During the evening, Virie knew what was coming. She quietly tucked a key in the top of her high-buttoned shoe. When the festivities came to an end, it was time for the great joke. But the couple was missing. No one had seen them slip away. Soon everyone was laughing and calling through the locked door of the little upstairs bedroom. Someone asked George, her father, for the extra key - but all the keys were gone. There was not going to be any "putting to bed" on this night! Celia, Nephi's older sister, pounded on the door with both hands and shouted, "You just wait until the next time you two get married!" What are your family wedding traditions - and how do they compare to the traditions of your ancestors? I hope you'll leave me a comment and tell me about it! Post Script: I'm so excited and honored that Uphill Both Ways is featured this week on Genea-Musing's "Best of the Genea-Bloggers" list! Every week, Randy Seaver selects from hundreds of blog articles written by genealogy bloggers, and posts his "Best Of" list on the blog "Genea-Musings." THANKS SO MUCH Randy for including me in your list...

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